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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Favorites

Another week of work and here is what I have to show for it.
 This is a second double F motif that I made at Nancy's workshop.  I am getting it ready to quilt.

 I am about satisfied with the texture on my trees made from the composted fabric.  I am now auditioning various types of leaves.  I'll keep you advised to the final choice.

This is charmeuse silk that I dyed with roses last year and then  promptly misplaced.  I have found it and am hemming it as a scarf for my daughter for Christmas.

Friday Favorites

Another technique to try.  I am particularly interested in this one because I like to layer sheers and I would like to use more text in my work without  making it the primary focus.  This technique would allow me to do both.  It is not a tutorial so you have to make some logical jumps.

And another technique. This one requires hand work as as I am close to the end of my current handstitching project, I am ready for a new one.  This one is a reverse applique and I love it.  I can see my style incorporated with this technique meaning the blocks and circles being various shapes and sizes and sewn together in a jumbled fashion.  I LOVE looking at techniques and thinking about how to make them MINE.

And another way to use fugitive medium.  Alisa does not specific whether this is done on paper or fabric but don't you think it would look fabulous on fabric?  And here is another paper process by Jill that I think would be fabulous on fabric.  I need to try it to see if I can get the bleeding lines like she gets on the paper or if the ink would just become a blob.

And a TON of techniques at your fingertips!   Sue Bleiweiss has listed all her tutorials and even has them listed in categories.  The tutorials are generally in PDF formats but the ones that I have looked at have lots of pictures (for those of us who look more than read).

And here is a girl after my own heart!   I love the what-if approach to natural dyeing. And what better than apples.  I kinda tried this but I was silly enough to try and cook the fabric in the apple peels.  My results were not the lovely browns I was hoping for but some even lovelier greys from where the apple peels burned on the bottom of the pan.  The fabric was one that I took to NY for Nancy's workshop. Nancy commented on the beautiful fabric.  I did not tell her the story behind it.

A Christmas Wish List for Quilters and Dyers.
1.  Arlee is having a 50% sale off all her fabric.

2.  A chance to win Rayna Gillman's new book, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.  Now I will be totally honest with you--I am part of the blog that is giving this autographed book away so this is shameless self-promotion.

3. A Quilt University course with Elizabeth Barton!  One of my all time favorite art quilters.  She is teaching two classes but this one is all about design--my current focus of interest.  Not that you have to pick this course.  There are lots of options.

4. A pricy but very nice gift.  I would absolutely like to go to Queensland and spend several days with Canadian Textile Artist, Dorthy Caldwell.  Here is an excerpt describing what participants will be doing: "Stitching, drawing,  painting and more unconventional marks such as burning, piercing and mending...." What is not to love?  Well, other than the mending but if it is done for the sake of art then even that would probably be fun.

5.  Okay, so this won't be out till June but I want it is on my list of must haves. I have enjoyed reading Lisa's experiments in resist dyeing in her blog and now they will all be in one place in a book.  Goody!  Goody!  If you want to gift yourself before June, you could always attend her lecture in TX on Dec 20.


  1. I love your trees! I can't wait how the leaves transform this. Your double F is another winner for sure.

  2. As usual, I love your pieces AND your Friday Favorites.

  3. I don't think the ink on paper technique would work as well on fBRIC BUT you could try to monoprint the fabric off the paper!!!
    I can also see you whacking those crab apples with a hammer.


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