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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sharing knowledge, Book 4 No 3, and Friday Favorites

I take the same position that Kathy Loomis takes on sharing knowledge. I have to admit that I happily share with others the lessons I have learned about quilting and surface design. Most of those lessons I have learned either in a workshop, class, or reading someone's book. If the skill/technique is unique then I certainly give credit and I tell others where to get the original information and original instructor. But like Kathy said, "After all, what's truly new in the world of art? "
I do make sure that I am not using their teaching materials. I think that is imporatnt. I have used the technique, have gained some mastery over it, have added my own twists, and have used my own samples and examples and exercises. It really is cheating to use someone else's lesson plan and materials.

With that said I am teaching a free workshop at the Maine Event this September on free form quilts using Rayna Gilman's book. I LOVE Rayna's book, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts. She was a guest artist on the "And Then We Set It On Fire" blog in January 2012. The technique she teaches in the book is a variation and refinement of the technique I had developed for myself. (I was so smart in thinking I had invented it. Hah!) I'll be showing off Rayna's book and encouraging everyone to buy a copy.   I will also be showing some of the quilts that I have made using the techniques.  In the half-day workshop we'll be slicing and dicing blocks and together build a free-form quilt on a design wall. I hope that you can come.

Just another Zentangle before Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Earlier this week I posted about my play date with Beth and our experiments. The layering of fabric for dyeing was an idea I got from this website.  I lost the link when I posted earlier but have finally found it again!

It is too late for me to rearrange my summer but perhaps you can fit in a trip to  a Mountain Lake Biology Station.  I sure wish I could!  If you have time this summer to do artstuff in an inspiring setting check out this opportunity!

And now for something completely different.  You know I have been taking a printmaking class.  Every series proposal  has to include the name of at least one artist who we are using as in inspiration.  Mostly that means I find some artist, dead or alive, who has done something similar to what I want to do and list the artist's name. Rarely have I really taken the opportunity to study the art itself. This time I was inspired by Mark Rothko. Do you know him?  He was a leader in the Abstract Impressionist movement from the east coast.  I have fallen in love with his work.  This time I am studying the work and hoping to include a little of his spirit in my work.  Here is a clip of some of his paintings.  Enjoy.

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  1. Our Columbus Museum of Art has an exhibit to honor this incredible man .... his love of color and bold statements have had me since I was in my early teens. Your work with zentangles is beyond my humble words. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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