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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Schnibble--topped is finished!

Here is Winter Picnic on my design wall waiting to be quilted and bound.  That will have to wait until after Thanksgiving but since Sinta accepts quilt tops in the Year of Schnibble Challenge, here is my entry. 

Overall I am pleased by it.  It is very different than the Picnic picture on the pattern package.  Partly that is because of the difference in color palette but there are other changes.  The pattern gave us the option of making different types of baskets.  I dislike sampler quilts so I chose to make all the baskets identical.  I also was not particularly fond of the layout suggested by the pattern so I played with it.  I really liked this layout because of the strong pattern achieved by the positive and negative shapes.  I also decided to only highlight the sashing around the center baskets so the rest of the sashing is made from the background fabric.

Perhaps you can also see the element I added.  I reversed appliqued some flowered fabric  in the Kansas Winter collection that I fancy cut to highlight the flower.  I placed the flower in the center and then in the half-triangles in the middle of each side.  Here is a close up of the center flower.

The last change I made was in the border.  I thought the piano keys might fight a bit with strong layout so I decided to lay them sideways.  I am not totally thrilled with the border but it works sufficiently that I won't rip it out.  Once quilted I will bind the quilt with a black fabric that I used in the first outer border.


  1. Wow, what a nice twist to the pattern! Very rich looking and a strong contrast. I like what you did with the border also!

  2. Your use of color is fantastic. What a terrific variation!

  3. Very graphic and just super! Very contemporary too!

  4. I really like your Picnic quilt. It almost has a southwest feel to it. I like the secondary pattern the black baskets make. Very nice.

  5. Congratulations! Your Picnic turned out wonderfully!! I bought the pattern but it just did not appeal to me, I should have worked harder because I think what you did is amazing!!

  6. Wow! Very different with a Southwestern flavor.


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