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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zentangle Book 4, No 7

This one makes me think of Horton Hears a Who.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Zentangle Book 4, No 6

I learned a new tangle-Hurry.  It is the one that looks like a woven seat for a chair.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zentangle Book 4 No 5

Back to the lacing.  I seem to be stuck on the lacing.  I think in this one I am trying to tie up the moon.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zentangle Book 4 NO 4

A little trip to Suessville.

This doodle has now been shared on Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Fridays.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sharing knowledge, Book 4 No 3, and Friday Favorites

I take the same position that Kathy Loomis takes on sharing knowledge. I have to admit that I happily share with others the lessons I have learned about quilting and surface design. Most of those lessons I have learned either in a workshop, class, or reading someone's book. If the skill/technique is unique then I certainly give credit and I tell others where to get the original information and original instructor. But like Kathy said, "After all, what's truly new in the world of art? "
I do make sure that I am not using their teaching materials. I think that is imporatnt. I have used the technique, have gained some mastery over it, have added my own twists, and have used my own samples and examples and exercises. It really is cheating to use someone else's lesson plan and materials.

With that said I am teaching a free workshop at the Maine Event this September on free form quilts using Rayna Gilman's book. I LOVE Rayna's book, Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts. She was a guest artist on the "And Then We Set It On Fire" blog in January 2012. The technique she teaches in the book is a variation and refinement of the technique I had developed for myself. (I was so smart in thinking I had invented it. Hah!) I'll be showing off Rayna's book and encouraging everyone to buy a copy.   I will also be showing some of the quilts that I have made using the techniques.  In the half-day workshop we'll be slicing and dicing blocks and together build a free-form quilt on a design wall. I hope that you can come.

Just another Zentangle before Friday Favorites.

Friday Favorites

Earlier this week I posted about my play date with Beth and our experiments. The layering of fabric for dyeing was an idea I got from this website.  I lost the link when I posted earlier but have finally found it again!

It is too late for me to rearrange my summer but perhaps you can fit in a trip to  a Mountain Lake Biology Station.  I sure wish I could!  If you have time this summer to do artstuff in an inspiring setting check out this opportunity!

And now for something completely different.  You know I have been taking a printmaking class.  Every series proposal  has to include the name of at least one artist who we are using as in inspiration.  Mostly that means I find some artist, dead or alive, who has done something similar to what I want to do and list the artist's name. Rarely have I really taken the opportunity to study the art itself. This time I was inspired by Mark Rothko. Do you know him?  He was a leader in the Abstract Impressionist movement from the east coast.  I have fallen in love with his work.  This time I am studying the work and hoping to include a little of his spirit in my work.  Here is a clip of some of his paintings.  Enjoy.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zentangle Book 4 No 2

Getting back to my landscape roots.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zentangle Book 4, No 8

New tangle--Knyts.  Don't you love it?

Zentangle Book 4 No 1

Finally I have made my new book for Zentangle play.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Play date with Beth

Saturday I had a wonderful play date with Beth.  We were trying some variations of soy wax and thickened dyes.  One of the great things of having a play date with Beth is that we start at the same place and end up in totally different locations. You'll need to go to Sew Sew Art to see Beth's material which is totally different from mine.

Our first experiment was to draw with the soy wax on our silk screens and then to use the thickened dyes with the screens.  I drew a zentangly type thing with the wax.  I chose to use a variety of color dyes and to screen them using a credit card.  Here is the gorgeous fabric that was produced and three detail shots.  The fabric is a little over a yard long and the entire width.  I am definitely going to play with this technique some more.

The second experiment was stamping with soy wax and then applying the thickened dye with a credit card again.  The experiment part of this trial is that I layered fabric. I got the idea from this post.  I love the green bottom layer.

I am not as happy with the top layer.  It isn't bad but it needs another layer.

The bottom piece I stamped with a large circle and then dyed with yellow and greens.  Then, without waiting for the dye to dry,  I layered another piece of fabric over the green dyed fabric.  On the top fabric I stamped wax with a smaller circle and then dyed with blues and an orange on the edges to darken it.  If you compare the two pieces, you will see that the colors, the wax, and the circle pattern transferred between the two.

Here are some detail pictures of both pieces. Both finished pieces have the two different sizes of circles.

I have shared this post on Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Favorites

 What a great week!  It has been spring break at the university.  I still have to work but the campus is quiet.  I did chose to take a couple of days off.  I had planned to work hard on finishing a quilt and starting my next print seres but found myself just puttering around the house.  I have enjoyed the quiet of being home alone.  I did make a couple of books for the young women at church.  I am going to be teaching them how to zentangle on April 24th and I thought it would be nice for them to have some books to keep their zentangles in.  I only need to make 10 more.

I have also started making some 8x8 zentangles to offer for sell the for the Gardiner Art Walk that is coming up.  I will have art quilts and prints to sell but I thought something less expensive would be good.

 Friday Favorites

 I was browsing and found this great tutorial by Terry Jarrad-Diamond.  It is from 2010 so it is older and you may have seen it before.  She explains how to think backwards to be able to piece complicated designs rather than to applique or fuse the design together.  I love her designs and I prefer piecing so I was quite pleased to read her thought process as she does her stitching.

Heather is a new art quilter I have just started following.  In this post she shows how she takes a so-so quilt and turns it into something extraordinary.  Heather is like Terry in that she is a also a piece-maker.  What an inspiration it is to me to see how she reconstructed the quilt.  I have a pile of so-so quilt tops that need this attention!

Have a creative week!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Untitled 3
My third Zentangle book is full.  I need to make a new one.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Book Spine Poetry

April is National Reading Month and the Nottage Library is celebrating with Book Spine Poetry.

What is Book Spine Poetry you ask?

To make a book spine poem, you arrange a stack of books so that the titles create a poem.  Each title of a book becomes a line in the poem.  Your poem(s) can be enlightening, whimsical, haiku, serious, macabre, or whatever you want!
Browse the library’s shelves or your own book collection for interesting titles that seem to fit together and write them down.  Make a decision on 3-5 books, pull the books off the shelf and arrange them in a stack from top to bottom (or side to side). 
Take a picture of your book stack and send it to andrea.thorne@maine.edu by April 8th.  BE CREATIVE!!!! We will be posting photos on our bulletin boards for everyone to see!
Here are my Book Spine Poetry