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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ragamuffin Scrap Animals

Like I need something else to start and not finish...

I signed up for Carla Sonheim's online class to make these little darlings.  I always fall in love with her critters.  Here is one off her webpage.

 So far I have only gotten to the first critter which is an owl.  Here is a picture of some owls Carla made.


Here is a picture of my first owl.  Be kind, it is only child, orphan owl looking for a forever home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Texture and Sculpture Tuesday

I found this quote on Belinda DelPesco's blog.  And yep, I got all those voices going on in my head when I look at one of my pieces in progress.  Did you think the artist who created the sculptures below had the critics in her/his head?

Art Quote
To keep his errors down to a minimum, the internal Censor to whom a poet submits his work in progress should be a Censorate. It should include, for instance, a sensitive only child, a practical housewife, a logician, a monk, an irreverent buffoon and even, perhaps, hated by all the others and returning their dislike, a brutal, foul-mouthed drill sergeant who considers all poetry rubbish. ~W. H. Auden
Okay, and now for the sculpture.  When we were in Auburn NY (I think that is where we were) we saw these fabulous sculptures in someone's vegetable garden.

Friday, August 19, 2016

100 Dresses

Have you heard of Crystal Cawley's 100 dress project?  I am participating in it although as usual I have put it off till the last minute.  Here is a picture of the dress I am submitting. It is about 10 inches tall and is glued to the paper provided by Crystal.

I made the dress by layering polyester organza and Lutradur. I would layer one organza piece over one lutradur sheet  and do some decorative stitching.  Then I did it again.  Then I stacked the two stitched layers, added an organza over them and stitched all 5 layers together.  Then, and here is the fun part, I melted it all with my heat gun.  The butterflies are from the second layer and were stitched as decoration into the organza; they did not melt.  I wanted to add a few more butterflies so they few already in the dress did not look so alone.  I burned the butterflies out of another piece of the organza and glued the butterflies to the front of the dress.  You can not see them well but I finished the dress with a few grommets to the bottom of the dress just to give it a bit more decoration, one more texture, and something that was shiny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Catacombs under the Indianapolis City Market

The Indianapolis City Market opened in 1886 and  is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  Then it was a farmer's market offering fresh produce.  Now it contains a wide variety of eateries, wine and cheese shoppes, and retailers.  Under the Market are "catacombs" which were originally the the basement and another old building that was built next door.  That building burned down and built over with the basement being sealed off until recently.  We toured the catacombs and here are some pictures.  Some of  them are blurry.  I kinda liked that it gave them a ghostly feel.

Some of the arches were filled in with brick to give additional strength when a new building was built above the basement.

Monday, August 15, 2016


It was very frustrating trying to take pictures at the art museums. Many of the pictures were covered with glass that reflected me.  I finally decided to just love it.  These are all of the same photo that I photoshopped trying to make the image more obvious.  Interesting how different they are. I think the first is the original.  The picture in the image is a reflection of the artwork behind us and is merely reflected in the glass.