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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reveal Reworked

Okay, here is my self-portrait with a few adjustments.  I am happier with it now and will send it off to my mother soon. The two changes that I made were the border and the heart. 

The heart is slightly smaller.  It is still the same color, satin, and padded.  It is still important in the quilt but not so dominant.

I took off the black organdy ribbon border and replaced it with an ivory ribbon that matches the border material.  I had originally avoided a light border so the quilt would not blend into the wall.  However, when I auditioned several color of ribbons (including a lovely muted red) the whole quilt just came alive with the ivory.  Well, ya gotta go with what the quilt wants. 

And I am very pleased with the outcome.


  1. Very nice. Mo' bettah. Yes, you have to give the quilt what IT wants.

  2. Yes, the ivory does work better- it has a softer, not funereal look now. I'm glad you were able to revise it to your satisfaction. I agree, you need to listen to the quilt!

  3. I like the border much better. I'm glad you left the heart.


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