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Monday, February 15, 2010

President Day Sale Find

Can you tell what it is?  It does have a great sheen doesn't it?  It is 100% duponi silk.  Excuse me for crowing about my good luck but I knew you would be thrilled that, if you didn't get the deal, I did!

Normally for sale at Joanne's Fabric for $19.99, I found a bolt on sale for $4.00 in the red tag section.  And since it was President's Day, the store was having a 50% off sale on red tag fabric.  So, now the 100% duponi silk was only $2.00 per yard.  There was 11 yards left on the bolt--all of which I bought of course!  But wait, there was a 32" remnant wrapped on the bolt.  Since it was less than a yard, I could have it for 50% off the sale price ($1.00 per yard so it cost maybe 90 cents).  So, for a total of $23.00 I got yards and yards of beautiful gorgeous silk to play with. 


  1. That truly is a great find! Makes me wish I'd gone to Joann's today. Instead I worked madly on Interpret This!

  2. lucky you!! I hardly ever see silk at the JoAnn's by me.

    I have to ask- what is this erosion cloth from your last post??

  3. Oh, man. Lucky, lucky you. Cool beans.

  4. Lucky you! My plan was to go to JoAnn's but because of the snow, I wasn't able to get my car out (long story).

  5. that luck only happens once in awhile!


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