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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prep for Nancy Crow's workshop

Did I tell you I am taking a second Nancy Crow Workshop?  This time I am going to Quilting by the Lake in upstate NY in November and participating in the Sets and Variable III workshop.  Have I taken Sets and Variable I or II.  No, of course not.  LOL

Nancy has given us a lot of prep work to prepare for her workshop.  The first thing we are to do is draw lots of motifs with simple and compound lines.  Second, we are to pick some of the better motifs and sew them with a white background and black lines.

Okay, so I am currently away from home attending a conference.  Between making notes on the workshop, I am drawing motifs.  Here are 72 different motifs I have drawn today.  I have posted the numbers on the left side of the motif.  Please let me know which 3 motifs are your favorite and feel free to tell me why.  Motif winners will be sewn into 8"x8" blocks to take to the QBL2.


  1. You will love working with Nancy Crow...and you will work but she will open doors of thought and inspiration for years to come. Have a great time!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I took a class with Nancy at Quilting by the lake but it was in July and no air condiitoning. I still loved it and learned so much. You will enjoy it.

  3. # 20 is my favorite--but I'm a rather architectural quilter. I think 65-68 are some wonderful variations of a similar line, and I like them as well. Have so much fun! She makes you work really hard, but you learn a lot!


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