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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

My life is starting to  be a bit more under control, even if still under controlled. But that means perhaps I may have time to start cruise quilting and surface design blogs and restart my Friday Favorites.  Keep your fingers crossed with me, please.

Friday Favorites

Here are some more of Lins Rolling Stamps    I know that I have referred you to her blog before but I really like her rolling stamps.  Maybe the next time FIVE gets together we can work on making some rolling stamps.  I know that somewhere on Lin's blog she has a tutorial for how to make them.  This post by Judi Hurwitt is old but is an excellent tutorial on making different types of stamps, including rolling stamps.  It is worth bookmarking.

Check out the Fiber Art Society gallery show.  I am particularly interested in Laura O.'s paper napkin and muslin piece.  I want to try this technique.  I know many fabric artists incorporate paper into their artwork.  At first (coming from  my traditional quilting background) I turned up my nose and thought "CHEATERS!"  But I am starting to be won over to the idea.  I mean, why not?  We are creating art for the walls not blankets that need to be washable. Why  not use any material that gives the results we crave?

An older post but I love it like I love most of what I find on Tanglewood Threads  It is not just that she uses up the scraps of thread and fabric in her wrapping (appealing to my mother's voice in my head) but that the results are showcased through rusty metal.  Really lovely. Wish she provided  a bit of a tutorial.  And here is another of Penny's techniques that I love. This post did include some instructions.  This one absolutely is going on my to-do list.  FIVE, you wanna play with this one with me?

I have been exploring a new-to-me blog named Fibreheart.   I love this work in opposites.  If you continue reading some of her older posts you will find that she also eco-dyes.  And this is the post that caused me to become a follower.  I love the softly dyed fabric and the stitching on top of it.  That is just so what I want to do when I grow up.  Currently I am still having trouble being that loose or free in my stitching design.  ***heavy sigh****

Elaine Quehl has been dyeing a difficult request for someone but I think the piece is luscious!  I hope the buyer is satisfied but Elaine is right; if the first buyer won't take it, it won't be hard to sell.  And speaking of dyeing, here is why Judy  loves to dye.  That eye candy is also why I love to read Judy's blog.

Well, I am attending a conference for work meaning I am staying in a hotel.  I am off to the pool to swim a couple of laps.   It's a rough job but someone.... LOL.


  1. I have always wanted to do chenille so I'm in. I also bought a chenille cuter so we can dodge the carpal tunnel.
    ps. Glad Friday Faves are back...

  2. I was browsing blogs and found this one and thought of you.


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