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Friday, February 12, 2010

Show and Tell

I have been busy this week finishing a Christmas item (no snickers please especially since I still have a couple to go!) and getting ready for the Project Linus Party tomorrow.  We are having the party tomorrow to make quilts for Haiti.  Project Linus has been asked to donate 10,000 quilts by March 1.
Here is the last of the pocket dolls.  She has 3 pants and shirts outfits in the three drawers to the left, 3 dresses hung on hangers in her closet, and is wearing a flannel nightgown in her bed.  She is going to my niece, Amelia, in Indiana.

Here is some blue fabric I had in my stash and discharged last night to make more interesting.  It will be tied into a teen-sized quilt for Haiti.  In getting ready for the party tomorrow, I have been gathering fabric that I loved years ago and have never gotten around to use.  I have mixed feelings about letting the fabric go--happy it is finally getting used, happy that it is going to a good cause, sure I will have a project next week that I will desparately need it for, and excited that I have room to buy more fabric.  Tee Hee


  1. I am unloading fabric right and left for Operation Pillowcase. I thought I would be sad but I actually feel very relieved and eager to move the pillowcases to the soldiers. Making the pillowcases is very addictive!


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