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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Fugitive Jungle

I have been playing around with doodles for a while.  Here is the biggest and latest doodle.  The piece is a fat half of cotton and is destined as a prize on "And then they set it on fire."

First I started off with white cloth that I doodled with a black gel pen--nothing special--not meant for fabric. Whenever I would stop, I would iron it to try and heat set the ink.

Then I colored it in with water-soluble pencils.  I used them both dry and dipped into water.  Not too much water cause that would make the gel pen ink blur.  Kept ironing it too.

When I was done coloring it, I brushed it with print paste to bond the ink and pencil to the fabric. That made the colors and ink a bit more fuzzy.  When that had dried I gave it a coat of very diluted blue Setacolor to blend the colors and background.  When it was dry and with much trepidation I threw it into the washing machine.  VOILA!  The inks/colors stayed!!  You can not believe how excited I was over that!  Last step was to put a little smooch in spots to give a little shine.

First piece I have finished to this extent.  I need much more practice but I am pleased by the experiment.  Yep, tonight I expect a second piece will get started.


  1. amazingly wonderful, you clever girl!

  2. That design would be smashing on a set of sheets! I hope that wasn't an insult, it wasn't meant to be. Imagine waking up to those glorious colors every morning! Yowza!

  3. Wow! This is great! I love the colors and designs.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Wowza! This rocks! hhhhmmmm...wondering if I could do this (successfully and on a much smaller scale!).


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