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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites

It has been a great week for me.   After sorting and cleaning my studio (AKA living room) I found a whole new pile of creative energy to work with.  I finished my Jungle Doodle and my painted fused piece and my piece for the FIVE surface design swap.  Just wait till I show it to you tomorrow.  I am really  pleased!  But on to Friday's Favorites.

Friday Favorites
With nothing particular required of me in the way of a quilts, I have been moving back to what I enjoy doing which includes handwork.  This week I have found some new posts on handwork plus gone back to revisit some old posts on the subject.  

Kathy Loomis showed some pictures of handwork done on quilts displayed at quilt national.  Nice to know that I am not the only one still doing handwork.  I am especially interested in the quilts from national because the stitching is not all the intricate combination embroidery stitches but basic stitches repeated and repeated.

I have already shown you Penny Beren's holes before but she posted more (and more) and I love them too.  In fact, I am trying them this week.  Rosalita gave me one of her marbled pieces that she did not like.  I doodled a bit on it and am now adding stitches.  My plan is to add some of Penny's holes in it too.  And, once again, that is not a complicated stitch but a repetition of something quite simple.  It is the repetition that gives it the power.

Again, Embellisher from India shows a repetition of a simple stitch in her pashminas that I find interesting.  Seeing her work made me remember Kantha embroidery so I looked it up and came up with these two older posts on This and That.  The first shows 2 stitches and the second shows 4.  But do check out her tutorials while you are visiting her blog.  I especially liked the one on chemanthy.

Tomorrow I am off to play with fugitive medium with FIVE.  I am been experimenting --like in my Jungle Doodle--and am anxious to see the ides the others have.  For me the fugitive medium is an in-between technique to use after the initial dyeing of the fabric and before any stitching begins.  My plan is to get really good with fugitive medium so that I can lead a workshop on it at our Fall SAQA gathering.

Have a good week! 


  1. Love your Friday Favs as usual and I wanted to to check out the link to the Jane Dunnewold Mastery blog http://2009artclothmasteryexhibition.blogspot.com/

    because there are "holes" on one quilt you won't believe - fabulous.

  2. I love reading your Friday Favorites. I have added many of the blogs to my list of reading. Thanks for sharing these great sites.

    I really like the holes. I may try them too.


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