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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Texture and Pattern Tuesday

I have recently been viewing stone sculptures and discovered artist Bridget Polk.  She makes unusual and difficult stacks of stone, temporary by nature.  She then photographs them and sell the photos.  They are stunning.

I mention this because Saturday we discovered the Wire Bridge in Maine.  It spans a shallow river full of wonderful rocks.  Looking down it was easy to see that visitors had been inspired to stack stones.  I of course had to add to the number and quality of the stacks.

While we were there a large family (a family reunion?) gathered on the bridge and in unison threw yellow flowers from the bridge into the river.  It was fun to watch them (the flowers not the family) float down river.  My goal was to make a video of them as they floated but I guess I managed to do that for only a couple of seconds.

These are the patterns and textures.


  1. You know how much I love rocks. Did you know your video didn't play?

    1. The video only lasted 2 seconds so you didn't miss much.


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