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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Play date with Beth

Saturday I had a wonderful play date with Beth.  We were trying some variations of soy wax and thickened dyes.  One of the great things of having a play date with Beth is that we start at the same place and end up in totally different locations. You'll need to go to Sew Sew Art to see Beth's material which is totally different from mine.

Our first experiment was to draw with the soy wax on our silk screens and then to use the thickened dyes with the screens.  I drew a zentangly type thing with the wax.  I chose to use a variety of color dyes and to screen them using a credit card.  Here is the gorgeous fabric that was produced and three detail shots.  The fabric is a little over a yard long and the entire width.  I am definitely going to play with this technique some more.

The second experiment was stamping with soy wax and then applying the thickened dye with a credit card again.  The experiment part of this trial is that I layered fabric. I got the idea from this post.  I love the green bottom layer.

I am not as happy with the top layer.  It isn't bad but it needs another layer.

The bottom piece I stamped with a large circle and then dyed with yellow and greens.  Then, without waiting for the dye to dry,  I layered another piece of fabric over the green dyed fabric.  On the top fabric I stamped wax with a smaller circle and then dyed with blues and an orange on the edges to darken it.  If you compare the two pieces, you will see that the colors, the wax, and the circle pattern transferred between the two.

Here are some detail pictures of both pieces. Both finished pieces have the two different sizes of circles.

I have shared this post on Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderfully productive day!

  2. I love using soy wax! I haven't tried using it on a screen, but do hope to try it soon. Thanks for sharing your play date with us!

  3. Great stuff Judith. I KNEW that top piece of waxed silk screen would be a knock-out. I've spaced all my experiments out over the next few weeks but will link to you!! We MUST play again after I get back from Ohio. Not crazy about the security word (boo)

  4. What a fun play date! Love the results!

  5. Your fabrics are fantastic! Do you have any problem with getting the soy wax out of your screens? I've had it be difficult to wash out of some fabrics. Would love to have you share your site on Fiber Artist Journey's Design Wall Weekend blog party. http://fiberartistjourney.blogspot.com/

  6. Interesting results for a fun day! Have not tried soy wax yet...may have to soon.

  7. ohhhh love this kind of playdate - great results!! Can't wait till dye season is here!

  8. What fun to play! I particularly like that first yellow orange fabric--such intense color. To Die/Dye for!
    best, nadia

  9. What fabulous fabrics you produced, they're just stunning.


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