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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finished! (Well, just about)

 Here is my Red and White Snowball Challenge quilt!
It is just the top. Finishing will have to wait until I finish my self-portrait for the "Interpret This!" challenge.  Here are some  modification I made from the Evelyn Sloppy pattern and the plain red challenge. 

  1. I modified the red blocks to go from white-with-some-red to red to black-with-some-red.  I wanted the color to add some movement to the quilt. The transitions are not as smooth as I would like. That is the result of not having a design wall large enough to put the whole quilt up before starting to sew it.

  2. I added a row of snowballs to the length. Again, I want to be able to sleep under this quilt so that addition was purely for size.

  3. I altered the border.  In the pattern the snowballs go all the way to the edge.  Here there is a row of only the off-white snowballs to complete the little half/square bow tie detail.  Next there is a row of off-white squares to make the whole design float a bit.

  4. I do think I will add some piano keys that will be the width of the squares and twice the length (2 x 4 finished size). That should bring the quilt up to the size I want. The piano keys will all be red (white/red, red, black/red) and will replicate the value transition in the quilt.

  5. I think when I quilt it I will use black thread on the bottom, red thread in the middle, and white thread on the top to accentuate the value shift.  The quilting will be simple since it is not the star of the quilt.

  6. I have tons of different red fabrics so I will piece the back out of the leftovers rather than to purchase a whole cloth backing.

Do you like it?


  1. Oh, great quilt! I love red and actually made an all red quilt once. It's interesting to see how different people handle the same color plan.

    I finished the portrait part of my self-portrait. Now the border and the quilting. So far, so good.

  2. This is amazing! I like the idea of adding the piano keys and also using black thread.

  3. FABULOUS! I LOVE the value shift! You did such a good job, I think you might have motivated me to work on mine!

  4. WoW! What an amazing interpretation of the challenge quilt! Great job!


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