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Monday, December 20, 2010

3 Quilts this weekend

 I worked on quilts in 3 different categories this last weekend.

I finished my first quilt that uses rusty steel as the batting or innards.  It is 12" by 10" by 1.5".  I really like it and it fits the current SAQA definition of a quilt.  Encouraged by Beth's example I have submitted it as entry for  Volusia Wrapped in Fiber.  It is a last minute thing.  I am not holding my breath on this entry.

Then I finally started my quilt for Interpret This!  I debated and debated how to interpret this last picture in the challenge. Truth be told, I am tired of trying to produce a quality work of art each month based on a picture that has no meaning for me.  Not that I haven't grown tremendously this last year because of the challenge.  I am just ready to move on to other things.  But finally, as I was taking a nap on Saturday, I decided how I was going to finish in a way that I am excited about.  I immediately got up and got started cutting and sewing.

Last quilt category for the weekend.  I was asked on Sunday if I had a quilt I could donate to a family I don't know as a Christmas present.  My first response was, "Are you INSANE?!"  But I was at church and feeling the spirit of the the Lord at this Christmas season and I remembered a quilt that I did have that could be given.  So, with a wish of joy to the family, the quilt is being delivered today.  It will serve the function for which it was made.  I had the opportunity to use the talent/skill that I enjoy to serve someone in need.  How wonderful that someone thought to ask me.


  1. I'm SO intrigued by the "rusty steel as the batting" comment. I just can't imagine! I'm hoping we'll get to see that.

    I know exactly what you mean by getting tired of a challeng but really appreciating what you have learned from it. I belonged to a "Finish Your UFOs Challenge" two times. I got REALLY tired of it (feeling like it was keeping me from doing something more "meaningful;" however, I REALLY appreciate all the projects I got finished because of the challenge.

    Lastly, I really believe in "you get what you give." How nice of you to give a quilt. After all...tis the season...

  2. Wow, a busy (and productive) weekend for you! I missed your whole Interpret This! picture last month, I just saw what you did and I really like it. The Citra-solv technique looks like another that I might have to try someday.

    Good thing you already had a quilt ready to go, instead of trying to put something together quickly.

  3. IMHO, quilts are made to be given so you did the right thing by giving a quilt.

    and I understand the IT! sentiment exactly but we are almost done.


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