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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can't wait till Friday Favorites

My friend, Debra, sent a plea for help with a charity quilt she would like to make.  At first I thought I would include her plea in my Friday Favorites but since there is a short time frame for the help, I decided to send out an "Extra."  I plan to participate.

From Debra' Design Studio

9 Patch Blocks Needed!!!!

Every year Bentwater, the community in which I live, raises alot of money for the American Cancer Society.  Last year's tally was over $50,000 and I was told we are the 2nd largest contributor to the ACS.  One of the biggest events is the annual Auction held in April.  Last April one of my crazy quilts brought in $1500 during the silent auction.

This year I would like to make a 9 patch quilt for the auction.  I may embroider flowers and birds through the middle blocks and border.  I haven't decided yet.

But----I need some help getting the blocks made!

Would you make some 9 patch blocks (or even one) and send to me?

  •  9 patch blocks need to be 3½ inches (use 1½" blocks or strips)
  • Use the same 2 fabrics in the block (all the X position is the same fabric, all the Y position is the same fabric = 2 fabrics per block)
  • INNER 9 Patch----colors should be clear to bright in hot colors; i.e. reds, oranges, yellows, red-violets  Paired with clear to bright shades of blue, green or blue violets
  • OUTER 9 Patch----colors should be shades of  (bright)Yellow Paired with tone on tone cream  (for strong contrast)
  • Fabrics can be solid, tone on tone, hand dyed, small print, very subtle textures. 
The Theme for the quilt is a SPRING GARDEN-----Visualize the new flowers coming out of the ground in bright colors.

The quilt needs 55-75 Yellow and Cream Blocks
                        100-125 Red and Blue Blocks
This is for a Queen sized quilt. 

The deadline to get the blocks in my hot little hands is March 15th.  I will need time to get them arranged, the top pieced and then quilted for the early April Auction.

If you don't have my address, email me.  If you could also email me with Your Intent so I have an idea how many people and blocks I can count on.  Think about it--- this is a very easy thing for you to do to contribute to a huge cause.  Please help me out!

(Colors are approximate!)

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