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Friday, March 11, 2011

Drawing Class Update and Friday Favorites

 Drawing Class
I am really psyched!  For my drawing class, each student needs to choose an artist for a class presentation.  I checked with my instructor about choosing a modern, living, fabric artist and she approved.  I chose Elizabeth Barton for several reasons.  Primarily I suppose, I really like her work.  But just as important I think is that she writes a really good blog.  She has many posts that show her work from the beginning photograph, to her drawings from the photo, and then to the finished quilt. And it is not just the pictures but she talks about her thinking process along the way, stuff like why she emphasized this and not that.  Lastly, I chose her because her use of drawing to turn the 3-D world into a 2-D quilt is my reason for taking a drawing class.  Seemed like a good fit to me.

Anyway, I am psyched because I wrote Elizabeth Barton and she sent me an email back.  I was concerned that the only way I could do the class presentation was to capture pictures from her blog and website.  Would that violate copyright?  I was not sure so I thought, better safe than sorry, and I emailed her for permission.  ***fingers crossed***  She said "yes!"  Woot!

Friday Favorites
Module 5 of Sharon B’s Stitch Worksheets are ready and, for a short time only, are for sale at half price. This module of instruction for hand embroidery includes 17 stitches, most of which I don't recognize. Fortunately, if you need some of the basic stitches in order to understand these more advanced stitches, she has FREE links to the introductory stitches at the bottom of the post.  And if you need some more embroidery thread, this site is giving away 3 free skeins.

Some people like this kind and some people like that kind of fusing material.  Laura weights in with her opinion.  Sounds like WU WU is her mostest favorite although she does talk about different material/techniques have different requirements.

Carol Sloan at the Sketchbook Challenge gives us a little tutorial on how to paint/draw a tree.  A pine tree actually.  Hers turned out looking pretty good.  I will give it a try but will use my fabric gel pen and Inktense pencils on fabric whether than water colors on paper.

In case you have not yet tried Citra-Solv, here is a tutorial posted by Lyric on the Sketchbook Challenge .  At the end of the tutorial she says you can color the black and white image in a variety of ways.  Here is what I did for the November Challenge of Interpret This!  The quilt started with a picture I transferred using Citra-Solv.

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  1. Nothing like taking a [drawing] class for sparking your creativity in a new direction! Can't wait to see what wonderfulness comes out of this endeavor!


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