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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Camera

This week is winter break for my print classes and still I don't have my first edition back.  Oh, I wish I had taken pictures before I had turned them in! But the camera was lost. Then I found the camera.   But the camera battery was dead again.  It can't hold a charge for very long anymore.  So I looked for the charger.  Found it (Ha!  You thought I wouldn't be able to find it!).  Yep, I found it but the plug on the back of it to plug it into the wall was dislodged and I can't find that part. So then I thought, well, I really need some new batteries anyway.  So I put the battery in my pocket to go and buy a new one. But then I remembered that when you buy a new rechargeable battery you first have to charge it and well, that is a problem. So, now, what should I do?  I bought a new camera! 

Even before the lost and found story I wanted a new camera that could take closer, more detailed pictures of my quilts.  And if I have to spend money on new batteries and a new charger, I might as well just spend money on a new camera that will satisfy my needs better.  Once I made that decision, I wanted a camera instantly but couldn't justify paying the $60 more it cost in a store rather than off the internet.  So, I have now ordered a red Panasonic Lumix with 16.1 megapixels and in 5-10 business days I will have picture taking capability again!  Yeah!


  1. Yahoo for you and your new camera!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Congrats on your soon to be camera! I splurged on a new one during the thanksgiving day sales and am glad I did. Like you, my old camera just didn't do justice to my work. As for the new one, I'm still figuring out all the buttons . . .

  3. You will LOVE your new camera and I will show you the close-up and macro settings.


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