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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
LuAnn Kessi at May your Bobbin Always Be Full has a Smilebox presentation of a day of soy wax surface design with her friends. While not a tutorial on how to do it, the before, mid-stage, and after photographs were enough to make me want to get my electric skillet out to play.  Beth, when we get together in March do you want to play with soy wax again?

Ready for some sunshine?  Tanglewood is sewing her own sun.  Here you can see the sun and here you can see the details.  I love her stitching!

The printing I am doing in my class is with a printing press.  Like I will ever have the money to have one of them of mine own. But there are other ways to apply some extra pressure and print.  Wen Redmond uses an antique iron.

Okay, this is just eye candy.  Elaine's class has great stuff but scroll down to the bottom to see the liberated strip piecing quilt by Carol.  That one is my favorite. And this post has some liberated strip piecing quilts in progress by some of Elaine's students.  I would love to take a class with Elaine!

I'm ending today with some inspiration from Ira Glass via Lynn Krawczyk. While I have not read this particular quote before I have been told to work, work, work, if I want to be the artist I can become. But I forget.  I get discouraged.  I slow down my own progress by being intimidated that I might not make a great piece of art.  And I listen to that inner critic tell me that I can't.  Diana Trout gives us all an invitation to tame our inner critics rather than wasting energy trying to quiet it.  Not a bad idea.

Just my opinion, but what I think we all need is to make art and lots of it.  The more art we make, the more capable we are of making the art we want to make, and the easier it is to teach that innner critic a lesson!  So, now I am off to create art. Come join me!

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  1. I want soy wax. I want soy wax. I want soy wax. I want soy wax. March it is. Batik-o-mania!!!!!


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