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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Favorites

Ever watch Wheel of Fortune when the challenge is Before and After?  I thought of that when I wrote this Friday Favorites to be posted on Black Friday.  Are you one of the people who has stood in line for two weeks to get a Black Friday Special?  Feel free to tell me all about your fabulous deals after I wake up much later in the day.

I am spending this Thanksgiving on the road to my daughter's house for the weekend.  I will be with my husband, enjoying his company, and looking forward to seeing my grandchildren.  May you also have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you choose to spend it.

Friday Favorites

Nina-Marie has chosen two of my favorite topics to blog about in this post--her cross series and why artists should work in a series.  She learned the importance of working in a series by practicing lessons she learned from a class with Elizabeth Barton.  I learned it from Elizabeth Barton too.  I had to chose an artist to research in one of my art classes and I chose Elizabeth.  I read years of her posts and found that all together they formed a great art class.

I have registered to make 20 Wonky Log Cabin blocks for the Sandy Quilt Block Drive.  I don't have a lot of time but then these blocks come together very quickly.  I have tons of scraps that I am always looking for a way to use. This opportunity seems a perfect match.  If you want more information about how you can help those affected by Superstorm Sandy, check out the link.

Kim from Kim's Hot Textiles has a post that shows student work from one of her newspaper workshops.  I am not a big fan of glitter but I love the way that she uses newspaper to make papercloth and then the various ways she uses the material.  I am going to be in an art show in Dec and I might try making some brooches like she suggests.  Don't miss watching her tutorials on Youtube.  The links are on the left.

I have always loved Wen Redmond's work but her current artwork is particularly inspiring to me in the way that she finishes it.  While her base fabric is a printed photo, mine tends to be deconstructed silkprints but I am never quite sure how to finish them and display them.  I like Wen's approach of adding stitching--not necessarily quilting-- and then displaying them on a painted canvas.  No mistaking these for a potholder or placemat!

Okay, I admit it. This is just my type of eye-candy from Diana Trout.  I really admire artists who can let the stitching meander and form its own shapes.  I have much more of a tendency to make the stitches say something specific or lead somewhere or highlight something.  I really need to post some examples of Diana's work in a notebook to look at before I start stitching.  I want her freedom and perhaps I will get inspired.

May gratitude fill your hearts and inspiration find you this week!


  1. ohhh I'm a Friday favorite - very cool!! thank you so much!

  2. As always great to read your Friday Favorite post. I am so grateful you are in my life, my dear friend...


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