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Friday, June 21, 2013

A Review and Friday Favorites

In the last couple of weeks I bought 2 DVDs: Soy Wax Inspirations by Susan Purney Mark and Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Paper with Jane Davies. They were both the same price but not the same value.  I had expected lots of new information from Soy Wax Inspirations but it was pretty basic. Unless you are a real novice, I would skip this DVD. Very disappointing.  On the other hand, Scribble Collage is wonderful! Even with my background with print classes, I learned a lot!  Well worth the price since I''ll watch it repeatedly.  I really like Jane's art.  On July 5, Jane Davies has a show opening in Vermont.  I am planning to go.  I am so excited to get to see her art face to face.

Friday Favorites

Eye Candy
 Judy has been attending a workshop at Arrowmount with Elin Noble and been posting about it.  The link is to Judy's blog because there are several posts you want to see. Wish I was at Arrowmount with her!

Terry Jarrard-Diamond shows off a dark quilt named Vanitas.  It is created of stained, cut, and restructured fabric.  My kind of art!

I found a new artist that I really like.  Her name is Lisa Boardwine.  I am particularly drawn to her mixed media collage work.

Challenge Opportunity
A couple of blogs that I follow are participating in the Index Card a Day challenge (ICAD)  I was almost seduced to join until I remembered that I have limited time and too many projects already.  So, **heavy sigh** I am passing on the challenge but it is not too late for  you to join if you want.

TutorialsCarol Sloan on the Sketchbook Challenge blog shows how to make a tissue flower collage.  She uses a design from a paper napkin to make cloth paper but she doesn't stop there.  She enhances the design with drawing, painting, and stitching.  It is quite effective.

In addition to a new artist, I have also discovered a new blog that has lots of very nice tutorials.  The blog is "The Quilting Edge."  Two tutorials I really love are the wonky curves tutorial and the way to quilt spirals.  There are other tutorials.

I wish you a very creative week!

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  1. Another great Friday Fav. I have been reading the Quilting Edge for years but never saw this particular tut. I like. Have a great weekend!!!!


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