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Friday, April 25, 2014

A side trip to Beth's House

Beth has finished her chemo and radiation and is feeling so much better!  YEAH!!! What an amazing, courageous trip she has made.  Anyway, we got together last Saturday and played with making marks with black dye.  Beth experimented much more than I did so be sure to check out her blog. She will be posting her pictures later this week.

The first experiment was just too awful to look at. This was the second piece I made. I decided to name it Crop Circles since it is a cropped picture of the circle fabric. (My personal joke for the day.)  This one was an experiment in wetness.  Some of the circles were made with thinner dye paste and for some circles the dye paste was thicker.  That gave me different results in the amount of bleeding.  The second variation was in how wet the fabric was. For some areas the fabric was wet.  Other sections were dry when stamped but then immediately spritzed with soda ash water.  Lastly, some sections were stamped on dry fabric, allowed to set, and then spritzed with the soda ash water.  Here are some detail pictures to show the difference in bleeding.  So interesting.  Not an art cloth yet but interesting.

Watching Beth work, I loved what she was doing with a sea sponge so I used it on a cotton-linen clean-up rag that I kinda liked.  The mottling is subtle--partly because of the fabric I used--but the detail shots will show you how wonderful it is. This one is definitely an art cloth.

 Detail Shots.  I love the different saturations of the stamp.

Two more experiments to show on another post.


  1. Love that fabric. Yours came out a bit "green" too. Next time fresh print paste!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day, Judith! Re: the stamping with dyes, I was taught to pre-soak my fabric in soda ash solution, then let it thoroughly hang dry before I applied the dyes. This gives you a nice prepared surface, and you don't have to mix the soda ash into your dyes. I love your clean up cloth... nice depth and texturing! Look forward to seeing more posts from you and Beth on your play dates!


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