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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beth's House Post 2

Isn't that fabulous!!?!  This one is all thanks to Beth's inspiration.  The cloth is about a fat quarter size.  I had used it as a clean up rag before and it was dyed lightly and unevenly kinda lavender (see the light top part).   I added lines of black dye paste squirted out of a catsup bottle.  I let the lines sit a bit and then smeared them using a credit card and a silicon basting brush.  On the top I stamped letters using the same dye paste.  It sat about an hour before I did anything else to it.  Without washing it out, I decided it was a bit dull so I started adding drops of straight dye concentrate onto the fabric and let them bleed into each other.  After it sat for an hour, I rinsed it out and washed it.  Love it!

This is a 36 x 45 piece of cotton.  Previously I had monoprinted it with fushia and some blue (not sure which).  Clearly I had spread the dye  paste using a credit card for part of it also.  It was way too bright for me so I decided to try Ann Johnston's rope resist technique.  I wrapped it on the rope, scrunched it up, and soaked it in lemon yellow.  I thought the lemon yellow would blend well with the blue and would desaturate the bright fushia.  I did not get as much texture as I had hoped but I do like the results.  The piece is clearly a two-sided piece because here is the reverse side.

I think this cloth is a perfect candidate for Kathy Loomis tiny little lines technique!


  1. Love these! Also, though I don't usually comment, I thought I would this time, to thank you for changing, whatever it was you changed (?) that allows us to see the pictures and post in our feeds. Up until today, your posts came up with a title, one line and no pictures. You'd have to click through to see anything, and I rarely do ( for ANYONE) so thanks for making your posts more accessible. :)


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