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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exquisite Corpse Tutorial and General Progress

Volunteer Opportunity

Want to participate in writing a tutorial?  We could write an exquisite corpse tutorial together.  Exquisite corpse writings are completed by several people who all write a section without reading what was written before.   The key, of course, is each of us are going to write a tutorial step without looking at what was written before.  And for that matter, we don't even collaborate on the technique for which we are writing the steps.

I figure 10 steps would be good. So, are there 10 readers who would like to write one section of a tutorial?   Just leave me a comment and the first ten volunteers get to have fun with me.  Woot!

And for my art progress.  

Here is a picture of the Double F Quilt on the design wall.  I am starting to sew units together.

Progress on the quilt has been slow because I have been making felt stars.  I started them before Christmas and liked the project.  I am now making them to sell at a craft fair next Christmas.

And Beth (it is all her fault) has gotten me spending time on Tyvek for the Fire Blog. First a sculptural use of Tyvek and then some I am using to make brooches.

And I've been snow dyeing. Isn't this one really sad?  I plan to use it in my print class and deconstruct screen print over it.

And I have started a new print class at UMA.  My first project is deconstructed screen printing on fabric.  The idea was inspired by Ayn Hanna.\'s work.  Currently I am building a 4 ft by 8 ft print table in the school's print studio.  I'll post a picture when I get it finished.


  1. You know me. I'm game for anything. Will it be on fabric?

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