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Sunday, May 1, 2016

More Scraps

As always, when I start de-cluttering and worrying about what to do with the plethora of scraps I have, I start a  new scrap quilt.  So, I have come up with a new set of rules to organize and sew the scraps.  This quilt will be mostly dark, improvisational, and bedsized.  Like that will use up all my scraps.  HAH!

When I told my daughter Ellen that I had started a new quilt she asked if I had finished my Flying F quilt.  No, it is still up on the design wall although it does have more  pieces than this.

Okay, she went on, how about the quilts for my niece's Jennifer's sons?  I have told you about them before.  When the boys were born I was into crocheting so I crocheted baby afghans for them.  Jennifer told me two reunions ago that a afghan does not a quilt make I guess that I "owe" her two quilts.  I have the tops made but they aren't quilted yet.  Sewing the pieces together is so much more fun that the quilting.

Our new grandson, Spencer, is several months old now and I haven't finished his quilt yet either.  It will be made up of old shirts of Grampy Floyd so it will be even more special for the grandkids, providing I get the 4 done that I behind.  I don't even have a  picture of them yet since they are still just a pile of shirt material.  At least I have cut them into yardage rather than collars and sleeves.

Okay, back to the scrap quilt I started writing about.  I have about half of the blocks made.  I would have gotten more done this weekend but I had a horrible cold and laid in bed instead.   I'll probably get back to it, or one of the other quilts, soon when I feel better.

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  1. I love sewing those scraps together improvisationally. love your work


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