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Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to this weekend!  My stress levels  are now good enough that I can tackle the last of my reading to complete my grad class.  I have guiltily been debating whether I can play with quilts or do the reading this weekend when it occured to me that it was not an either/or proposition.  I could commit to read one chapter a day and then I can spend the rest of the time on quilts!  Yeah ME for figuring out something so simple.  LOL

So this weekend I get to:
1.  Finish preparing a talk for church and my Sunday School lesson,
2.  Read two chapters on cost-benefit analysis and annotate
3.  Create my 9 1/2" block for Terry's Quilt
4.  Finish my fabric self-portrait (I'll show it to you when it is finished)
5.  Work on the granddaughters' Doll Pocket Christmas presents
6.  Start my October Schnibble (I have my color palette chosen and have started making 5" charm squares for it)
7.  Use my paint sticks to create some autumn leaf fabric (this is what I am really drooling to do!)

That should keep me busy and happy!

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