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Monday, October 5, 2009

Shibori and Sashiko

Here is the same pattern done in both Shibori (0n right) and Sashiko (on left). What do you think? I missed pulling some threads tight on the Shibori but overall it turned out interesting.

I have in mind a willow tree beside a brook for my next Shibori and Sashiko project. It will be a free hand drawing and then I'll sew and dye from there. But first I have to finish my September Schnibble, order my October Schnibble, make a 9 1/2 inch quilt block for Yankee Quilter's quilt for her friend Laura, and teach youth how to make a fused wall hanging self-portrait.

I was making great progress on my September Schnibble Sunday until I broke my needle. It is assembled, pen basted, and half quilted. I will finish it tonight and hopefully post the picture tomorrow. I am starting to like it again. Do you do the same thing I do? I love the concept I have in my head for a quilt. Towards the middle of the middle of making the quilt, I detest it and think it totally sucks but continue working on it. By the timie I finish the quilt, I fall back in love with it again. This Schnibble is not perfect but I think it is cheerful. It will make a good baby quilt. Wish me luck tonight so you can see it tomorrow!

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