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Sunday, April 4, 2010

April's Guild Swap

I belong to the local quilting guild.  This year our challenge was to trade little brown bags containing 3 fat quarters and a note about the type of quilts we like and to use that fabric and information to create a quilt no larger than 18" square.  I got Audrey who is a new quilter. She likes autumn colors/earth tones although her favorite seasons are spring and summer. She likes patterns such as plaids, tweeds, and houndstooth but she HATES large flower prints.  She is a new enough quilter that she still prefers traditional patterns.  Here is the little quilt that I have finished for her.
The quilt turned out a little big--19"--but I think it is close enough to the size requirement to work.  I used a Schnibbles Pattern from Miss Rosie's named Short Story.  I will include the pattern in the exchange when I give the quilt back to Audrey. The white line in the border is machine embroidery that echos the square shape.  I quilted in the diagonal to increase the feel of being set on point.  Nothing is ever perfect but I do think this turned out well.

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  1. What a great little quilt! The colors are great together and I am sure Audrey will love it. What a good idea to include the pattern with the quilt.


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