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Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming art shows for me

My "Dinner in Shanghai" will be hanging in the Central Maine Artist Gallery during the month of July.  I am kinda excited about that.  My Art Quilt Guild is putting on a show and "Dinner in Shanghai" will be one of about 30 textile pieces that will be hung.  The art gallery owner is quite excited about the show.  He says it is the first textile art he has presented.

Pictures of Happy Village and Washed are both in my last post.
I also have permission to make some postcards for sale in the gallery. The Happy Village I made at the Art Quilt Guild meeting will be part of that offering. Also the second one I made at my Friendly Ties Guild meeting.  Perhaps some of my snow dyed or jar dyed fabric will end up as postcards too.  I need to buy some cellophane sleeves for the postcards before I sell them.  This will count as my very first attempt at selling my art.

"Washed" will be hanging in the Maine State Quilt show the 4th weekend in July.  It needs to have a perimeter of 100" which is larger than I originally planned for the piece.  I was happy making a small piece but now it will grow to 30" by 25" to fit the size requirements.  Question--how many washers can be sewn onto a piece of fabric before it rips from the weight?  LOL  I do plan to make washers of other materials for the piece.  Over the weekend I tried to make some from a lovely foil wrapping off a spiral sliced ham.  Unfortunately the foil melted when I tried to fuse it.  I haven't given up.  I think the next technique will be to try the glue for foiling techniques.


  1. Cool, your very first attempt at selling your art!

  2. where is the central Maine artist gallery?


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