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Monday, April 19, 2010

My books!

Did I tell you that my friend, Barb, asked for some of my hand dyed fabric for the cover of her hardbound book?  Here is a picture of the finished book.

There is a funny story about the book.  When Barbra was sewing and gluing the signatures together she needed some end papers and just grabbed a couple of teal papers out of her stash.  She didn't think deeply about the choice.  The same weekend she was doing that, I happened to be in Portland so, naturally, I stopped by Artists and Craftmen to see what was on sale.  Lo and behold, they had my dyes for sale!  I bought several new colors including teal.  When I got home, I tried the new dyes in a new jar dyeing technique I had wanted to try.  Well, without any planning the teals match perfectly.  We couldn't have done it intentionally! 

Barbra was making the book for her art class.  The teacher commented that after seeing "all this purple excitement" on the outside, to open it up and see the secondary color on the inside was "pretty wonderful" which is high praise.

Barbra is paying me for my fabric by making me a little book.  Here are some pictures of her little books that are currently in an juried art show.  First two pics of the books opened up and then one book closed.  I put a quarter beside it so you could judge the scale.  They are little books!

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  1. The fabric is beautiful and the books are fascinating! So tiny!!!


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