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Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't look, Kathy!

I am doing a couple of surface design round robins.  One is with FIVE, my play group, and the other is on "And Then We Set It On Fire".  This fabric is Kathy's from FIVE.  When I got it, it had just some green on it.  You can see it best in the top left corner.  Since I had some roses I was ready to dye with--some of them were even Kathy's roses that her husband gave her for Valentine's Day--I decided to to rose dye the fabric.  I was hoping for leaf and petal prints but was not that successful.  I did get some from the petals but none from the leaves. The coloring of pinks and greens is really pleasant in person but did not show up well in the photo.   At any rate, the fabric now has it's second layer of surface design and is ready to go to the next artist.

Beth, also of FIVE, directed me to this wonderful tutorial by Jane Dunnewold about surface design round robins.  Very Informational!

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  1. I really enjoyed the two different round robin things you posted/mentioned. Jenny Williams had asked me what I was planning to do for round 1, I had said maybe setacolor paints & sunprinting, but after seeing that everyone in Luann Kessi's round robin started with that technique, I'm going to try something else!

    I haven't been able to get good leaf & petal prints from any natural materials, I'm wondering if there's a secret to it that I don't know?


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