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Friday, May 27, 2011

My voice and Friday Favorites

I have been having an on-going hunt for my voice.  You know, that distinctive something that when people look at a quilt they will be able to say, "OH!  That is a Jdemilo quilt."  or "That is similar to what Jdemilo does."  I am told in various blogs that my voice should be unique (have they seen ALL the different types of stuff is out there???), not a derivative (as in completely unlike anyone else--have they seen ALL the quilters out there????), and is something coming from inside (think of a baby during labor). Well, I have found for my voice.  My voice says that the task is too great for me.  Instead, my voice says,  I am going to concentrate on what I like.  Can you hear my voice?  LOL  For more opinions on voice, check out Jane Dunnewold or David duChemin.

Friday Favorites
There were lots of lov-er-ly things out there this week like Terry Jarrard-Dimond sharing her hand dying process and Penny Berens's great hand-stitched circles.  But I am focused on scrap piecing.  Not granny's crazy quilt but something with some composition to it that uses scrap fabrics. 

Here is what I found this week that will allow me to use up tons of fabric I need to get rid of AND still create some art.


  1. Can't wait to see what you are working on. I love to see what your voice speaks.

  2. I spent a good number of years worrying about my voice and then one day when I forgot to worry, it started to show up.

  3. ACTUALLY........I prefer to NOT see works that instantly make me think of a particular artist.

    I think it is more important to feel the freedom of letting a piece take you in what ever direction it might and above all to thoroughly enjoy the process MORE than the end result.

  4. I'm right there with you on that "finding a voice" thing. I'm hoping that the independent study class with Jane will help with that. One of my problems is that I like every aspect (and most techniques) of quilting. I have real trouble narrowing down my focus. I want to do it all!


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