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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nancy Crow's Barn

I loved my workshop with Nancy Crow! 

Sunday, set-up day, I was totally overwhelmed.  The class was an advanced class and many of the women knew each other from previous workshops.  They all seemed to have more fabric, better irons, bigger machines, EVERYTHING.  I was totally un-nerved.  I had to go out to the porch and cry for a while.

Monday I had pulled myself together and I bravely marched back to the barn.  Our first assignment was to create a 2 ft by 3 ft quilt using a black figure on a white ground.  It was due in 24 hours.  I stayed till 10 pm and arrived at 7 am Tuesday morning to get it finished for the 9 am reveal. Here it is.

Tuesday we were assigned to create 3 tops that were 3 ft by 4 ft tops. The goal was to create a middle ground in the three quilts.  The first quilt was to reinterpret the quilt from Monday using multiple blacks and whites and a grey.  The second quilt was to reinterpret the first day's quilt using blacks, whites, greys, and brown.  The third quilt was to reverse the colors in the 2nd quilt.  We had till 10 am on Wednesday.  I stayed till 10 pm and got there Wednesday at 7 am.  At 9 am Nancy gave us till 11 am since no one had all three finished.  I got the first two finished.  Here they are.

The last assignment was to create a 4 ft by 5 ft quilt in full color using the same elements as in the quilt from the first day and the best of the quilts from the second day. The colors and values were supposed create various fore grounds, middle grounds, and back grounds.  We had till Friday at 3 pm to get it finished.  Guess how long I stayed and how early I arrived each day?  Yeah,  you got it.  But I got it finished! Here is my quilt.


  1. Oh Yeah! Congratulations, what a strong statement they make.

  2. I've heard that Nancy Crow workshops can be pretty intimidating, glad you worked through your initial "fears" and you were able to create such great works!

  3. So interesting to me---way back in the very early 90s I took a 3 day workshop from NC when she was teaching for Quilts Inc at their Chic show. It was, basically, the same assignment. We did patchwork, though. 1st day we did bl & wh. 2nd day we did neutrals with same design. 3rd day we did color.
    I actually went home and finished all three pieces down to the handquilting. I consider them my best traditional work. I went on to make another piece in the series.
    I had a long love affair with NC & her style of work but eventually I moved away from her way of working.

    For intimidation, in our class we had an unknown jewelry maker who showed her first piece the first day. NC was blown away and from that day forward, the rest of us were chopped liver. The unknown jewelry maker turned out to be Jane Sassaman & we all know where her quilting career went.

    I'm glad you had a chance to study with NC & that you came away with some useful ideas. Good for you!

  4. Ooooooo, I just love your pieces. Lucky you to get to take a class with Nancy Crow. It sure looks like you got a lot done. I can't imagine working that quickly and that large. I'm sure it was very challenging but also very fun and creatively rejuvenating.

  5. Wow.
    Thanks for giving a precis of your workshop with Nancy Crow. I have heard so much about them, and I can see how they are both wonderful and intimidating.

    I think that the work you produced in such a frenzy is absolutely stunning. Congratulations.

  6. beautiful artwork ... BRAVA, paintings really beautiful and interesting!


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