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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

This is quite a month coming up.  Lots of deadlines staring me in the face.  The SAQA Auction.  Two other SAQA shows.  Entries into a local art gallery show.  Proposals for a fiber show at the before mentioned local art gallery. And of course, more prints due in my print class.  Do  you think my boss would understand if I told him I simply don't have time for his priorities right now?  LOL

Friday Favorites
Lets just start out today with some Pure Eye Candy.  I have got to get back into mokube again!

And here is another technique that is my short list--drawing with the sewing machine.  While this article talks about still lifes, drawing with sewing machine can include lots of other subjects. The thing that holds them altogether is the drawing.  If you can draw it, than you can stitch it.

I had to laugh at this post because it reminded of the technique of the month in December on the And Then We Set It On Fire blog. The technique was melting plastic bags to make a usable material. Well, this recycle idea just accepts the plastic bags as is and turns them into art (or not, depending on your viewpoint.)

Terry Jerrard-Dimond is running a give away but that is the least important part of her post.  Her favorite fabric for dyeing is being discontinued and she would like your input about what fabric to switch to.  If you have not decided on a favorite yet, it is worth reading the responses she has received.  I cannot stress how important it is to be consistent in the fabric you use when making art  IF you want to have more control over the results of your dyeing.  Different fabrics will react differently.  If you want to be surprised, then I guess it does not matter so much.

And, as a good follow-up to Terry's post, Connie Rose posts some pictures of fabric dyeing  with thickened dyes she has done recently.  Great results!

This really has nothing to do with quilting except it is a couple of quilters who are doing it.  I won't say more. Go and read it yourself.   It will make you smile.

So, hopefully you started out with a smile at some beautiful fabric and ended with a smile at a beautiful idea.  Have a good week and I will see you next Friday!

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