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Friday, March 30, 2012

Journey not a Series

I got my second series, Journey, back from being graded.  I got a B+ for the concept and an A- for the technique.  I am going to enter this one into the juried student show so I need to get it framed.  From this set of pieces I learned more about what a "series" is. 

The instructor said that I had the beginning of 2-3 series.  I am not going to post all the pictures again but you can go back to here to see them all if you want.  One series is the Venus figures; another is the circus tent--I have another one like that; the third series is the clothes tree--I have a couple more like that one.  I see her point.  I could have done 10 of the Venuses or 10 of big clothes being repurposed or 10 of the clothes tree.  Those would have been series.  But including them all together under the concept of losing weight does not tie them together well enough.

I was able to help someone else in class this week who is working on a series for figure-ground.  She is really creating two series.  I like them both but they are separate series.  One is of a spidery type of shape and the other series is a spiral.  I ask her which series she was going to complete and turn in. She had planned to turn in everything.  I told her my experience and what I had learned about series.  She is going to talk to the instructor next week and then determine which direction to go in. I'll be interested to see what she decides


  1. oh, I see the niceties in that...

    Love your new blog re-design too!

  2. I learn so much from you, Judith. Thanks.

  3. Well first, congrats on the good grades! I feel so informed from your post...and it gave me things to think about.
    Also love your banner.

  4. Translating such a heavy process in artfull pieces deserves at least 10 series :-). Thanks for explaining, it's an eye-opener!


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