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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

I will be in an art show tonight.  I'll show you pictures of the work I exhibited and the show tomorrow.  I am hoping it will go well. By well, I just mean that someone shows up and someone makes a comment and someone plays on the design board I am going to put up.  Could be the same someone but perhaps three different someones will come.  I don't expect to sell anything.  I am not opposed to selling anything but  I didn't create art stuff for the purpose of selling it at the show.  I just made my art. The two types of art are not necessarily the same.  Know what I mean?

Friday Favorites

I love the work done by Constance Rose.  This particular piece is named Before the Fall.   I love it for several reasons.  One, it is simple.  I love complicated piecing but it is good to remember that it does not have to be complex to be interesting. Two, it is eco-dyed fabric.  I have tried eco-dying and love it but it takes much more magic than dying with MX dyes.  I need to practice more to get the lovely colors she gets here.  And Three, the stitching is simple.  I have so much trouble with my stitching.  How much is just right and how much is too little or too much?  I think Connie got it right in this piece.

I had to laugh when I read Lynn Krawezyk say she loves bad art.  She doesn't really like bad art but she loves to give herself permission to make art and determine later if it is good or bad. That is one of the nice things about surface design or piecing. With surface design you can always dye or paint over or bleach it out.  With piecing you can always cut it up and sew it together into something better.  If it is still ugly then you cut it into smaller pieces and try again.

I read Lynn's post the same week I read Robet Genn's post on Autopoietic Art. For me the two fit together.  First, just experiment and see what happens. Second, let the results tell you what comes next.  Sound simple doesn't it?  It takes practice but some of my best work was created using that process.

Beth sent me to Edwina MacKinnon's blog.  I linked you to her blog rather than to a paticular post.  Beth wanted me to see the thickened dye and wax resist experiments.  I loved the rusted cloth.  Another post has experiments using flour resists.  All yummy.

If you remember, send good thoughts my way for the art show.

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  1. Love your Friday Favs. Hope the show went well and definitely looking forward to our play date. I soda soaked over 33 feet of cotton (smile)


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