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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites

 It has been a great week!  It is the last week of my print class and I am in love with my latest series.  I will post pictures next week after the critique.  Tonight I will be at the Gardiner ME Art Walk.  This is my third time so maybe it will be the charm and I'll sell something.  Imagine that for me please!

So many wonderful sites that I have visited this week and so little time. Let's get started.

Friday Favorites

First and most important, a couple of give-aways.  First, Lynn Krawczyk is giving away a Soy Wax Inspirations DVD by Susan Purney Mark.  After the fabulous fabric I made with soy wax on a silk screen, do I want this DVD?  YES!  You have till Monday to leave a comment and get your chance.  Second, you have till Sunday to leave a comment on the give-away from Sue Bleiweiss.  She is giving away a free stash pack from Vicki Walsh's shop and a couple of other things.  You get to choose which stash pack you win! Sounds good!

Next,three lessons.  Nina-Marie talks about a color lesson she learned from one of my favorite artists, Elizabeth Barton. Colleen Kole tells you the ten things she learned about free motion quilting. And Lisa, shows how she turned two ugly fabrics into winning pieces.

Remember how I hate to throw away anything and it is even better if I get to repurpose it?  Kathleen Loomis shows how she turned her  husband's pants into a bag.  She was inspired by a friend who is hoping to recycle donated clothing into usable items for people in Haiti.

End your week with some eye candy at Heather's Blog.  She is quickly joining Elizabeth Barton as one of my favorite artists.  In fact, she is taking an online class with Elizabeth and here is the quilt she is working on for the class.

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