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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites

I have found out I am the stick in the mud at work.  We are required to attend a mandatory meeting at work(does the redundant "required/mandatory" tell you how I feel about it?).  The planning committee wants to do ice breakers multiple times during the day.  I hate ice breakers.  Now I learn they want to have a theme to the food we are required to provide for lunch for the pitch-in.  If I have to bring some food to share to a mandatory meeting at work the only thing I want to be told is "thank you."  Anyone else with me?

Friday Favorites
Funny how not taking a class can open up time to do other things like checking out blogs.  I found lots of good stuff this week!

Let's start with some eye candy
Both Kathy and Beth got to attend the Form not Function Quilt Festival and have shown some of their favorites.

Lessons To Learn
Elizabeth Barton talks about how to use photographs in your artwork.This post shows how she uses a couple of pictures at the beach and turns them into sketches and larger pieces and why one would work well as a quilt and the other one would not.

I am connecting you to Wen Redmond's blog rather than to a specific post because she has three posts which show her fabric collage technique. She also tells you about her upcoming class on the technique.

This is another tuning fork quilt from Heather but here she goes into her design process of creating the quilt.  Very informative.  I have been reading some art instructions that talk about how making rules for a piece provides you greater artistic freedom.  That point is made very clear with Heather's process.

Dion Dior provides drawing instructions for bowl shaped flowers.  She really does an excellent job of showing you how to get the perspective correct.

Gelli Plate
I almost put this under eye candy because that is what it is but since I just got my first gelli plate, I am especially interested in Jane Davies's approach to making prints with it.

You are too late to sign up for Carla Sonheim's gelli plate printing class but she is offering some other online classes. I am just finishing the gelli plate printing class and felt I learned a lot.  The classes aren't very expensive and she does an excellent job of instructing.  I like her format of a couple of short videos for tutorials and some short emails with additional tips.

Until next Friday, happy blog reading!


  1. I love your Friday Favorites posts. I have found such good blogs from you. Thank you for sharing them.

    I agree with everything you said about the "required/mandatory" meetings, and ice breakers--don't get me started.

  2. As always, wonderful links!! and I love your short rant about the mandatory meeting with food, thank you!! You always make me laugh my friend...


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