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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Favorites

 Today I am off to the VTica to see Journey into Process!  I took this picture from their website.  It shows some of the work by Jane Davies that I will get to see.

Friday Favorites

I only have time to show one of my finds this week and I decided to feature Purple Missus.  Lynda Monk is a mixed media textile artist and she has art to die for.  And she connected me to Workshops on the Web.  Have  you heard of it?  This is from their blog:

"Workshop on the Web is a publication exclusive to the internet, featuring the very best tutors from all points of the compass, giving step-by-step details of textile techniques and ideas for using those techniques creatively. Machine embroidery, hand stitching, mixed media work from metals to the latest developments in plastics technology and beyond.

"And this is what they promise:
We promise that each issue will have at least six workshop features, an interview with a well-known embroiderer plus other articles of general interest. Also, products - not just what's new but how to use them, book reviews, news and views. Add all this together and it's far more than a magazine - more like getting a new book four times a year."

There is also a give-away involved so check it out!

Have a creative week

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