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Friday, July 19, 2013

I am on Jane Davies's blog and Friday Favorites

Remember my telling you that I went to see Jane Davies's art show opening in VT?  Someone took pictures at the opening and Jane posted one that included me, my daugther Ellen, and her mother-in-law Cathy.  Here is the link to picture.  Ellen and I are on the right leaning against the jewelry case. Cathy is center left with short blonde hair and wearing a blue shirt. Abby, my 9 year old grand-daughter, was with us but is not in the picture. The picture was taken at the beginning when the Director of the gallery was introducing the artists.

And speaking of Abby, she made this cute little purse for me while I was visiting her. Cathy found the beads in her attic. They probably belonged to Cathy's mother, Abby's great grand-mother.  Cathy's aunt,  which I think makes her Abby's great-great-aunt, gave Abby an old book on how to make tiny purses with beads and ribbons.  Abby has spent her vacation time handsewing several of them.  She can hand sew as well as I can and also loves to sew on the sewing machine.  Abby is blessed with creative people on both sides of her family who encourage her.  Isn't that wonderful for her!

Friday Favorites

Lynn Krawczyk is offering a workshop on color theory.  Looks very good and is a fundamental skill all artists need.  I especially like the method she is using with making the same image multiple times in multiple colors to see the difference that different color combinations make.

These are oldies but goodies from  Terry Garrard-Dimond's blog. This one is the recipe for a flour paste resist. This one is where a reader has sent in her results.  I have yet to try a flour paste resist but this might be the weekend.

As I have been working on finishing some of my fabric monoprints, I came across this blog post.  Susan Christensen is doing the same with her monoprints.  Here is part of her profile:  "Textile artist with background in painting and printmaking."  Could almost be me!

 After struggling with the composition of one her art quilts, Terry Grant decided to lop off the bottom half--not a little bit but the entire bottom half.  It was the right decision and the piece is much stronger as a result of Terry's courage. Terry then came up with a list of guiding principles to follow.

Have a creative week!


  1. I love flour paste resist -- after seeing her results, I think I need to get mine out again! And maybe hit the thrift store for some new tools...

    Love your little purse - what a talented girl!

  2. Good ones Judith and I really loved what Terry did with her monoprints!! It does sound like you!!

  3. Hi Judith, I was just checking in to see if you are still interested in participating i the Art Quilts Around the World Challenge group. The e-mail address the group has for you isn't working.

  4. I'm repeating what Chris is asking, looks like she beat me to it!

  5. Abby did a great job on the little bag!

  6. Judith, have you given up on blogging??

  7. Lovely little bag, beading just adds beauty to it.
    Your "blobs" make me laugh. you have a real talent.. My husband sees animals in the clouds, wonder what he would do with your idea... I must try that sometime... have a great day.


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