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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Batik play date with Beth, Ellen, and Abby

On July 5th my daughter, Ellen, and her daughter, Abby, joined me at Beth's house for a play date.  Ellen lives in Ohio but was visiting with her in-laws who live in New Hampshire.  They left the rest of the family at the in-laws and continued to Maine.  Beth and Ellen had become friends when Beth stayed at Ellen's house while taking a class at Nancy Crow's barn.  Abby and Ellen made batik silk scarves that turned out very successful.  I would have been happy to claim them as my work.

I used a couple of tjaps I bought from Dharma several years ago.  They had sat on the shelf for a long time unused.  This batik play date seemed the perfect time to try them out.  I used them on some fabric that had already been died multiple times, getting uglier with each new layer.  I figured I had nothing to lose.

The first piece is a yard long piece that has been died twice before.  I like it now.

And a close up.

The second piece is about 1/2 yard and it has also been dyed twice before.  I like it more now but it needs another layer before I will call it finished.

And a couple of close ups.


  1. I am linking to your blog this coming week!!

  2. I've always drooled over those tjaps when Dharma sends out the emails saying they're available. Nice to see a post on here again!

  3. Great fabrics - I've come over from Beth's blog!!


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