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Friday, September 5, 2014

Making Progress on Nathan's Quilt

While Nick's quilt is still waiting to be layered and quilted, I have been making progress on Nathan's quilt.  All the needed blocks are made and sewn into strips.  I am now starting to sew the strips together to form the quilt body.

The first two rows are sewn and the third row is fitted into place ready to be marked, taken off the wall, cut to fit perfectly together, and then sewn.  The strips below are just up on the wall in no particular order.

As you can see in the detail shot, I chose not to square the blocks or strips.  I decided to float them on a background so I dyed fabric a desaturated blue--I did not want the color to be 'in front' of the brighter blocks.  I am using the background blue fabric as a border and to fill in when the strips of blocks don't quite meet, as in the above.  I don't want lots of the background showing in the body of the quilt.  This is probably the biggest section of background that will show.  I dyed enough fabric so that I can use it for the quilt back also.

Did you notice that mostly the strips are one block attached to one block and so on but occasionally I fitted two blocks side by side in the strip?

So far I am liking the quilt.  Gotta say, happiest I have felt in months.  Gotta spend more time creating!


  1. Creativity is joy! I LOVE this piece. Talk about incredible energy!!

  2. Ooooo I really LIKE how this is progressing......makes me want to do some liberated pieceing! Great color combo

  3. This is such a fun quilt, he'll love it. I agree with Beth "Creativity is joy!


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