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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nathan's Quilt

Noelani's quilt has been received in Oklahoma. 

 Nick's quilt is waiting to be layered and quilted. 

 I have started making blocks for Nathan's Quilt.  His is the last one "due."   Here are the blocks up on the design wall.

I am using some of the fabric left over from Nick's quilt but adding a lot more commercial prints.  Here are some of my favorite (so far) squares.

The blocks are not connected to each other yet but I will be sewing them into strips and then sewing the strips together.  I won't be squaring the blocks before I sew them together or squaring the strips before they are sewn.  How boring would that be!!  I love the interest of wobbly lines.


  1. Great quilts - Nick's is my favourite!!

  2. Great work. Looking forward to seeing this done!!

  3. These are simply gorgeous quilts. I'm looking forward to seeing how Nathan's turns out.

  4. Your color palettes are wonderful on all three quilts! I love the primitive feel of Noelani's quilt.


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