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Friday, August 15, 2014

Nick's quilt

Noelani's quilt is in the mail.  And I have finished the top of Nick's twin sized quilt.  The goal is to finish it before the Maine Event so I can take it to Show and Tell.

The primary colors are a deep purple and green.  The fabric is mostly hand dyed but there are snippets of commercial fabrics.  The green fabric came from the deconstructed play date I had with Beth. Here is the picture of the fabric again with a couple of close-ups.  It worked fabulously in the quilt.


  1. I love this - the colours are fabulous!

  2. I love it but then again can I NOT love purple and green. Great design too!

  3. I have slow internet so it takes a moment for the photos to display. The first one, of the quilt, popped up all at once and I actually sat up straighter in my chair when I saw it. My jaw also opened and I whispered "wow". That's as close to an immediate reaction as you'll ever get. It's a beauty.


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