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Monday, August 4, 2014

Noelani's Quilt

I have a new great-niece.  My niece has adopted a 7 year-old wonderful little girl named Noelani.  Of course, her favorite color is pink.  Here is her 'welcome to the family' quilt.  It is 40 x 46 inches.

Of course, no good deed....  My niece informed me that I had not given her two sons a baby quilt when they were born.  I remember making them both flannel blankets with crocheted edges but that is not a quilt evidently.  So now I am making two more quilts.  Glad I like to make quilts.


  1. LOL! Mmmm hmmm....my grand daughter just told me that I could make 2 quilts for her. I haven't yet made one for her! She's next in line, though.

  2. I'm sure Noelani is as happy to be a part of your family, as you are, to have her. The quilt is gorgeous, even though it apparently opened Pandora's box. It is a good thing you like making quilts.


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