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Monday, August 11, 2014

Abandoned Theme for Whiteline Printing

Okay, the supplies are in the mail.  In the mean time I need to come up with an idea and start some drawings.  For some time I have wanted to take some pictures of an abandoned mill factory near by to create an art quilt series based on them.  I am now going to start the series by creating some whiteline prints.

I have taken some pictures today. Since the theme for the print exchange is "Just a Second" I thought I would focus on 2 windows for the print.  Here are some of my photos.

I love the broken panes in with the other panes.  I love being able to see the light through the windows on the other side of the building.  I love the curve at the top of the windows.  I prefer the photos that don't have the windows centered and which show some perspective.

What do you prefer?


  1. I like the last one the best. It has all those qualities you mentioned and I DO love seeing the light from the opposing windows.


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