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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cogitations on Cogitations

Do you read Elizabeth Barton's blog, Art and Quilts, Cogitations Thereon?  I always look forward to a  post there because it is a free art lesson.  I especially liked her latest post, Original? Or Derivative? When is a Clone not a Clone?    Elizabeth said (though you need to read her whole article) that you can start with someone else's work as an inspiration but then you need to "go beyond,"  do something "unexpected,"  "going beyond the predictable," something the original artist would never even think of.

Somewhere else recently the topic of originality was covered.  I think it was on DesignMatters TV with Laura and Linda Kemshall.  Linda stated that it was fine to be inspired by someone else's art but to not limit your inspiration to one piece and one artist only.  The danger, like Elizabeth Barton said, is that you end up being derivative.  For Linda the key to being unique in your voice is to use a variety of inspiration to make one art piece of your own.  You know, this element from that, and this thing from that, etc and then put them together in a way that is all yours.

Beth Berman, who is always looking for creative inspiration, wrote a post on the Fire blog titled Priming the Creative Pump!  She refers to a new book she is working her way through.  I mention Beth because she lent me another book on creativity named, Steal Like an Artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative.  Here is Austin Kleon, the author's take on being original vs a clone.

Wonderful posts, each and everyone.  I probably like them because I agree with them.  LOL So, my  next post will be some quilts that inspire me to create in my own voice.  And, if I am really lucky, a shot or two of more components of my latest quilt.


  1. I had to read your post title and Author a few times to realize you were posting about Elizabeth Barton. It's early yet!! Love your ideas which is why we are such good friends!!

  2. I do follow Elizabeth's blog and took an exceptional class with her last week - From Inspiration to Fulfillment: Developing Your Own Style. She knows how to inspire! I just posted about this class in my blog. But it was Pam Allen who told me to pick up this book, "Steal Like An Artist" and who requires her students (as does Elizabeth) to research painters and to learn by looking at them. And I have! For this reason, Pinterest has been among my favorite places to visit. I'm still learning!


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