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Monday, November 17, 2014

Inspiration For My Voice

Or a jumping off  point or whatever you want to call a couple of artists/art works I want to use to get my creative juices going.

I have already started my next quilt and have a few rules for it.

1.  Pink and Green are the primary colors.  Now you know that I am going to be using more than just pink and green but that is the starting place.

2.  Lots of tiny piecing.  I like to piece.
3.  Hand dyes and commercial prints.  I know, some people don't like the commercial prints but I like the excitement they bring. They do need to be cut small enough so that they read abstract or as a solid.

4.  A "Flying F" motif.  I developed it for a workshop with Nancy Crow and want to use it again.
5.  And, of course, abstract.  Always abstract.
Not too many rules but it is nice to know my rules before I go looking for inspiration to move me forward.

Special thanks here goes to Kathleen Loomis who has posted pictures of the Quilt=Art=Quilt Exhibit at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.  The next art work/artist is in the show and I took the picture from Kathleen's blog.

Heather Pregger, Tuning Fork #11, 72 x 54"

 I love Heather's Tuning Fork series. 
Several design elements I want to make sure are in my new quilt!

1.   I have not seen one in person but doesn't it look like she uses some printed fabric, at least in the grays? 

2.  I like that the tuning forks are not all the same size. Is it fair to say that the majority of the red tuning forks are smaller than the majority of the  gray ones?  Or are the tuning forks just smaller as they enter the focus point, which is primarily red?  Now that I think about it I think that they are smaller offering more intricacy in the area she wants your eye to stay on longer.  

3.  I like the change of color from light in the top left and darker in the bottom right. 

4.  I love the focal point.  Red splashes are seen in other areas but the reds are primarily clustered together to form a focal point.  And the focal point is not in the center either vertically or horizontally.  

5.  I like that the tuning forks seem to be both right side up and upside down.  

6.  And of course, she is using a motif.

First inspirational artwork/artist chosen.  Check!  A couple more artworks/artists to go.

For now, a picture of some new components for my new quilt up on my design wall. (Boy, do I need to find my lint roller!)

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  1. I was in a workshop with Heather this past summer. As always I love your colors and the way you approach your work - very unlike me, the seat-of-the-pants girl!! See you Friday


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