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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One more attempt on a failure

Here it is.  One really ugly fabrics.  It had been snow dyed three times and was still a loser.

  I saw a post on the Fire Blog that looked interesting.  I decided that would be the next technique I'd use on my loser. I'll show you the second loser in the next post.

First I twisted the fabric as tight as I could get it and tied the ends.

The 3x snow dyed piece got some dark dye applied since it was so light and blah.

Then I batched it.  I was going to let it batch overnight but got too impatient and it was only a couple of hours.

And here it is washed and dried.

Definitely more drama!  I really like it but I think I will over dye it one more time.  It might get even better and then I'll love it.

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